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Afford Your Dream Home with Polycrete

Single Family Homes to Quadplex Building Solutions

% Quieter
x Faster
% more Affordable

Reinforced for any weather

Polycrete ICF homes stand up to Mother Nature. There’s a reason FEMA recommends ICF for coastal construction, and that’s because ICF/concrete homes are better able to withstand hurricane force winds and storm surges than stick framed houses. ICF is also featured in the Fortified Homes program from the Insurance Institute (IBHS) because they also stand up to tornadoes and other natural disasters.

Fire Rated for Safety

Your family’s safer in a concrete home. A Polycrete ICF wall with 6” of concrete has a four-hour fire rating, as opposed to the one-hour rating of a typical 2 x 6 stick framed wall. Using metal studs instead of wood for interior walls will make your home virtually fireproof. Not only will this better protect your family, but you’ll also enjoy dramatically lower fire insurance costs.

Top Tier Insulating Materials

Polycrete’s R22 insulation far outperforms R19 fiberglass found in a typical stick framed wall. Wood studs act as a “thermal bridge” that transfers outside temperatures to the inside of your house. Our 5” continuous EPS insulation has no thermal bridging and can be increased to R30, R50 or higher. The result is low cost heating and cooling for your home.

"Our home is way beyond our expectations"

It became clear from the moment they stepped in, they were at home.

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