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Be confident you can build with Polycrete ICF the right way every time

Why Do I Need Training?

Whether you’re a first-time builder or an old pro, we work hard to make sure every Polycrete project is a rewarding and successful experience.  

Polycrete training ensures you understand all the steps in the installation process and enables you to take advantage of all the benefits of our carefully engineered process. Working with concrete can be a dangerous undertaking, and as we all know, safety comes first.  

All Polycrete training is On-The-Job. 


All Polycrete training is On-The-Job.

Option 1

  • 2-days complimentary training.
    • A certified Polycrete trainer comes to your jobsite on the day you begin setting the starter base and,
    • The day before your first pour.

    This ensures you have a sound starting point, understand the XpressWall installation guidelines, and that all forms, bracing and other installation procedures have been followed  

Option 2

A fully trained Polycrete ICF installer works with your crew throughout the process or for as long as you need the help.  Call to schedule. 

Experienced Instructors & Hands-on Learning

All Polycrete trainers have many years of hands-on Polycrete ICF installation experience. Most have worked in the industry as general contractors and are fully-versed in commercial and residential construction methods.  

Benefits of ICF Training


Polycrete’s on the job training dispenses with the boredom of classroom lectures and puts the teaching where your people need it. Why waste time on theoretical issues when we can address the real-time requirements of your specific job? Polycrete’s comprehensive Installation Manual serves as a base for all training.