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ICF Take Offs

Get Quality Construction Take Offs

Construction Take Offs You Can Hang Your Hat On

Calculating the correct quantity of ICF materials and accessories is critical to the smooth execution of your construction project. It’s also critical for establishing your budget and financing. 


Our Approach

Guaranteed Quality

We use a combination of experienced estimators and AI tools to scan your plans into our system and produce a report listing accurate counts of all necessary materials. 

A Polycrete XpressWall kit can include precut ICFs, starter bases, block-connection accessories, waterproofing, door/window bucks, reinforcing materials, spray foam, underslab insulation, and floor / roof systems. We even calculate the amount of bracing and concrete your job will require.  

Benefits of Our Take Offs

Concrete reinforcement

Reinforcement must be specified by a licensed structural engineer. However, we’ll provide rule-of-thumb quantities and multiple reinforcing options like steel bar, GFRB (fiberglass), or Helix micro-rebar.


Pre-cutting costs vary depending on the complexity of the job. Are there odd bump outs or complex angles? How many corners, what’s the overall wall height? These and other criteria factor into cost.

UnderSlab Insulation

Most building codes require the underside of your basement/crawl space slab to be insulated. We’ll let you know how much you need and estimate the cost.


Starter bases, expander clips, joint hooks and joist hangers. You might not even know you need them, but we’ll let you know how many to order and why.


Below grade ICF walls need to be waterproofed. Whether you want peel-and-stick or liquid-applied membrane, we’ll evaluate your drawings and offer different options


Complete count of each core size and height optimized for your job


Whether you’re a first-time builder or seasoned pro, we work hard to make sure every Polycrete project is a rewarding and successful experience. That all starts with accurate take-offs to make sure your estimates and budgets are reliable.  

Why Choose Us for Your Take Offs

We pride ourselves on accuracy and transparency. There’s nothing to be gained by coming back after you think the sale is complete and presenting a list of additional parts and materials you need to buy in order to have a successful ICF installation. The only surprises you get should be happy ones.