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Build Faster, Easier and Better with Polycrete

Get the SteelCore Advantage for Residential & Commercial Construction from the Largest ICF on the Market, Without Compromising Price or Quality.

At a Glance

sqft/man hour
/ wall sqft installed
% Waste cost reduction
Enable net zero living

ICF People's Choice Award 

The State Renaissance Townhomes in Brooklyn, NY, was recently recognized as one of the most innovative MultiFamily Low-Rise projects in North America. 

Commercial projects aren’t houses.

Why trust strictly residential blocks for commercial construction? A key player in the international market for years, Polycrete is the only ICF block built with SteelCore, steel crossties, and steel reinforcement inside the foam.

Why settle for cheap plastic that breaks easily or walls that deform when pouring? With the largest ICF block available, your structural shells can be built 30 percent faster. Shouldn't your project be Built Better?

Achieve Unmatched Efficiency with XpressWall

Discover a simpler, smarter approach to building envelope construction with our XpressWall service. Leveraging advanced proprietary software, we create a 3D digital replica of your project, then output a complete parts list which our factory technicians use to fabricate your pre-cut ICF wall kit. Our process ensures an impeccable level of precision that results in a seamless installation process.

With Polycrete USA's XpressWall service, we're streamlining construction, eliminating waste, and setting new standards in efficiency.



There’s a reason leading multi-family and hospitality developers are using ICF for new construction. From huge energy savings and serious sound control to major structural strength and longevity, ICF buildings see lower costs and higher long-term profits.



Architects today embrace ICF as the future of commercial building design. Simple structural components enable easier approvals and faster construction, while buildings have better air quality, sound proofing, energy efficiency, fire and disaster resistance.

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Discover the ICF advantage the industry is talking about. Less waste, fewer errors, faster construction - the game-changer every builder needs - are you on board? 

“There’s just no comparison. Polycrete is far above other ICFs — not just in terms of quality but industry knowledge and expertise as well. If you’re building with ICF, you should be building with Polycrete.”

— J.B., Coastal Pro Group

Concrete Design Center

Sample Cost Analysis

There’s a reason leading hospitality chains are using ICF for new hotel construction. From huge energy savings and serious sound control to major structural strength and longevity, ICF buildings see lower costs and higher long-term profits.

"The industry knowledge and experience Polycrete provided was invaluable. They made the process seamless from start to finish, even recommending installers and visiting our jobsite to ensure success."

Ken S.
Developer, Brooklyn, NY

"I’ve used other blocks in the past but after trying Polycrete, I’ll never use another. The steel ties and reinforcement are game changers — all the problems I’d seen before were eliminated. Best ICF block on the market."

Joel H.
Contractor Lansing, MI

"I love using ICF — the designs are simpler and the buildings are better. Clients don’t want to use outdated construction methods when new technologies produce better results and ultimately save them money."

Caroline I.
Architect, Nashville, TN