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Concrete Acoustics Report

National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) and the Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC) Research & Education Foundation commissioned a project to gather the available concrete acoustic performance information into one document to make it easier to access and use in project design. Included in this database are both concrete floor-ceiling assemblies as well as concrete walls of varying construction types such as pan joist, flat slab, ICF, concrete metal deck, etc. The focus is primarily on these main types of ready mixed concrete assemblies, but also included is additional information on related structural systems, such as precast slab, wood joist, mass timber (CLT), etc. This report has also compiled the benefits of different types of available acoustical treatments for these systems, such as resilient flooring underlayment and acoustical ceiling treatments for comparison. Finally, resources for all associated acoustics topics have been compiled for users who would like further information about specific items.

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