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The Business Case for Building with ICF


The Business Case for Building with ICF


On June 20, 2021 the National Ready Mix Concrete Association presented the Business Case for Building Multifamily Buildings with Concrete.

This hour long presentation was a comprehensive look at the financial and non financial benefits realized when building with ICF. The Highlights are below and a link to view the seminar in its entirety is below.

Learning Objectives

• Understand the benefits of concrete buildings built with Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) compared to wood frame for multifamily residential projects

• Demonstrate the economic benefits of building multifamily projects with ICFs

• Recognize the ways that ICF construction can save investors both time and money

• Understand the long-term value proposition of building with concrete and ICFs

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Ryan Bedford, President, Bedford Development

Ryan talks about the financial and non financial benefits of building with ICF and tells several stories about his personal experience with ICF.


Ryan dives deep into the financial savings of construction of a multifamily building he has built in Milwaukee, Wisconsin outlining the Pros of ICF during construction.


Ryan then describes his experience with ICF that helped him increase his building’s NOI by reducing tenant turnover, reducing reserves and deferring maintenance.


He shares his personal stories about how ICF helped his company lower utility costs and reduce insurance premiums.

Chris Dagosta, Senior Director,

Building Innovations, NRMCA

Chris reviews the Design Assistance Proposal offered by the Concrete Design Center which shows the two wall systems and compares the construction cost on the same project. This can be completed for free on your specific project.


Chris reviews the details in the Design Assistance Proposal and also shows how they calculate the ongoing savings that concrete construction provides.

 Multifamily, Condo, Student Housing Built With ICF

 Hotels Built With ICF

If you would like to see the recording in its entirety Please visit Register for Full Presentation

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