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Polycrete ICF Does Not Require Specialized Bracing

Contractors often hesitate to try Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) due to the cost of specialized bracing, which can be as much as $240 per piece. A typical single-family residence can require 40 or more pieces, and for commercial buildings, the number can easily reach hundreds. However, Polycrete ICF offers a cost-effective solution as it allows contractors to use regular pipe scaffolding for bracing, eliminating the need for expensive ICF braces. The scaffolding can be easily secured to the horizontal steel fastening strip in the Polycrete panel, making it the only ICF with this capability. Moreover, PolycreteUSA makes ICF construction even more accessible by supplying complete precut ICF wall kits, tailored to the exact specifications of the project, including door and window cut-outs. This ease of use and cost-saving features make Polycrete ICF an excellent option for contractors looking to venture into ICF construction for their next building project.

Polycrete ICF Does Not Require Specialized Bracing


Many contractors are hesitant to try ICF for the first time because of the cost of the specialized bracing. There is not a lot of ICF bracing out in the rental fleet, so the initial investment can be substantial – as much a $240 per piece. Since you need a brace every six feet along the wall, an average single-family residence can call for 40 or more pieces. For commercial buildings, you can easily get into the hundreds of pieces.

With Polycrete ICF, you can use your plain old pipe scaffolding to brace a Polycrete ICF wall and there’s no need for specialized (expensive) ICF braces. That’s because the scaffolding can be screwed with plumber’s strapping to the horizontal steel fastening strip in the Polycrete panel and plumbed with the scaffold‘s own levelers.  No other ICF has this capability because their fastening strips (“studs”) are vertical and plastic.

PolycreteUSA makes it easier to get started with ICF construction and it’s surely the easiest ICF to install. Why? For starts, we supply a complete precut ICF wall kit that we have created to the exact specification of your plans. Door and window cut-outs are done in our factory in the correct location and to the exact rough opening size you spec, wall heights are correct, and all the layout dimensions are supplied.  

This is a great picture because you can see the labels on the Polycrete pre-cut ICF forms that identify each pre-cut block with a number and a location, and you can see how the pipe scaffolding braces the wall.

Call or email us to learn how you can get started with Polycrete Insulated Concrete forms for your next building.


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