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Georgia Best Western Hotel with Polycrete ICF Construction

Rigby Entertainment opted for ICF construction to build a 5-story Best Western Hotel in a tornado-prone area near Atlanta. Polycrete was brought in to handle the ICF walls, but their role expanded to include project management, precast concrete deck placement, and interior structural steel.

Thanks to Polycrete's factory precut ICF wall kits and on-site panelization, the construction progressed smoothly, and weather delays were minimized. The result was a structurally strong and durable hotel that maximized long-term profitability for the owners.

Georgia Best Western

Rigby Best Western Hotel Completed Exterior-1-migrated

Task: Rigby Entertainment was interested in using ICF construction for its new 5-story, 87-room Best Western Hotel about 100 miles outside of Atlanta. The area is prone to tornadoes and other natural disasters, so owners wanted to maximize the strength and longevity of its investment while improving long-term profitability.

Challenge: A general contractor without previous ICF or commercial concrete construction experience was overseeing this hotel construction. Polycrete was initially tasked with installing ICF perimeter walls and internal walls between every second suite. However, the job quickly turned into helping construct most of the structural shell for the 5-story hotel as our installers needed to step in and handle project management, placement of precast concrete deck planks, and interior structural steel.

Solution: Polycrete’s factory precut ICF wall kits made it easy to erect the structural shell. The first floor ICF walls were built on footings, and as concrete planks were being set in place, second-floor walls were panelized on the ground. These 40-foot wall sections were then set in place using the crane that was already onsite for setting planks. Once second-floor planks were in place, ICF walls for upper stories were panelized under cover, thereby eliminating weather delays. In fact, the project survived a tornado event while still under construction.


Location: Warner Robins, Georgia

Type: 87-Room Extended Stay Hotel

Size: 108,000 square feet (floor)    

ICF Use: 39,536 square feet


Owner: Rigby Entertainment

General Contractor: Rigby Construction

ICF Installer: Old Dominion Construction

Architect: FORMS Group  

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