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Brooklyn Luxury Townhouses - Polycrete ICF Construction

The task at hand was to construct eight 5-story duplex townhouses, along with a unique end unit, using ICF construction. The challenge was to avoid the problems experienced in previous projects with small residential-grade ICF blocks while ensuring efficient construction without compromising quality.

The solution was Polycrete's steel-reinforced blocks -- preventing blowouts and deformation, resulting in straight and flat walls. The large size of the blocks and factory precutting expedited the construction process.

PolycreteUSA provided onsite consulting and continuous training for successful execution. The exceptional design of the end unit garnered significant media attention, and the project received an International ICF Builder Award.

Brooklyn Luxury Townhomes


Task: Construct ICF perimeter and party walls for eight 2-unit, 5-story townhouses (and a ninth spectacular end unit) without the problems and delays the client had experienced on previous projects using small residential-grade ICF blocks. Buildings needed to go up quickly, efficiently and correctly.

Challenge: While the owner was an avid supporter of using insulated concrete forms to build energy-efficient structures, his previous experience with ICF construction had been tainted by problems typical to residential ICF blocks – specifically deformation and blowouts. With several other units on the street already complete, these needed to go up fast to meet market demand – but without sacrificing the high quality the developer was known for.

Solution: Since Polycrete is built with steel crossties and steel reinforcement in the foam to prevent blowouts and deformation, it was an easy choice to eliminate problems and ensure that walls would be straight and flat. The large size of our blocks and our factory precutting increased construction speed, while an InsulDeck EPS add-on helped reduce noise between stacked units. Polycrete also served as an onsite ICF construction consultant throughout the project and provided experienced installers to ensure successful execution.

311 State Street: The end unit is such a remarkable dwelling that it’s received much acclaim and has been the subject of several videos. Here’s a “Meet the Designers” video, and this is a goofy clip made by the realtor, Corcoran Group.



Location: Brooklyn, New York

Type: Luxury Townhouses

Size: 34,725 square feet (floor)

ICF Use: 43,760 square feet


Owner: State Renaissance Townhomes, LLC

General Contractor: FG-PH Construction, Inc

ICF Installer: Bell Concrete Construction

Architect: Design AIDD Architecture DPC


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