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Mixed-Use Redevelopment in Richmond, VA Features Polycrete ICF Construction

Westhampton on Grove is a mixed-use redevelopment project in Richmond, Virginia. The owner aimed to create high-quality, long-lasting buildings while minimizing disruption to the historic community.

The challenge was to construct two new three-story buildings around a pair of existing structures, one of which contained a historic restaurant. The solution involved using Polycrete's precut ICF walls to reduce waste and prevent disruption to adjacent retail operations. 

Suburban Mixed Use

West Hampton on Grove ICF completed Overhead-1

Task: Westhampton on Grove is a mixed-use redevelopment of the historic Westhampton Theater site and a nearby parking lot in Richmond, Virginia. The owner wanted to create high-quality, 100-year buildings at a reasonable cost and with minimal disruption to the exclusive historic retail and residential community.

Challenge: Two new 3-story buildings needed to sandwich a historic 1-story structure containing a restaurant that would continue to operate throughout the construction period. Care needed to be taken not to damage the historic building nor impede its operation. One new building also needed to integrate with an existing structure, and the construction footprint needed to be minimized in order to maintain neighborhood relations. Complications included the historic building's walls were not plumb, and the GC chose to self-perform the ICF installation.

Solution: Polycrete’s precut ICF walls minimized jobsite waste and eliminated the possibility of EPS “snow” blowing around the neighborhood. The ICF wall system allowed work to be performed from inside the building, preventing sidewalk obstructions and disruption to adjacent retail operations. ICF construction was also much faster, requiring fewer workers and less equipment than concrete block.

To avoid damage to the adjacent historic building, contractor constructed an innovative cantilever structure to support an elevated steel platform over the roof of the historic building, allowing work to take place without consequences to the structure or sidewalk below. Finally, Polycrete representatives visited the job site several times per week during the ICF installation process to review progress and advise on best practices.



Location: Richmond, Virginia

Type: Mid-Rise Mixed Use

Size: 53,250 square feet (floor)    

ICF Use: 48,208 square feet


Owner: Westhampton, LLC

General Contractor: Taylor & Parrish

ICF Installer: Taylor & Parrish

Architect: Glave & Holmes Architecture 

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