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Polycrete ICF Technologies First for Commercial Construction

The University of Quebec built a 7-story student housing structure using ICF construction to save energy and ensure a fast and safe construction process. Polycrete ICF blocks were specifically developed for this project to address the challenges associated with ICF construction in taller buildings.

The large size and steel reinforcement of the Polycrete blocks helped speed the timeline and prevent construction issues. Contractors were able to work on lower levels while concrete was still being poured on upper levels, resulting in lower labor costs and earlier revenue generation. On completion, the building's maintenance and operating costs were significantly lower, with energy costs almost 50% less than expected.

University Of Quebec

New University Residence Rooms

University Of Quebec-Jul-22-2023-migrated

Task: The University of Quebec was building a new 7-story student housing structure and wanted to use ICF construction both to generate energy savings and to ensure a fast and safe construction process.

Challenge: At the time, insulated concrete forms were rarely used in the construction of buildings more than three stories high. Polycrete ICF blocks were developed specifically to address the problems typically associated with ICF construction, and this project marked the test of Polycrete’s innovative ICF technologies for use in commercial construction.

Solution: Polycrete’s large size and steel reinforcement within the ICF block helped speed up the timeline and ensure there were no issues with blowouts or deformation during construction. Once flooring for each story was complete, contractors could work on plumbing, electricity, heating and interior finishes on the level below – well in advance of the anticipated timeline and while concrete pouring was still occurring on upper stories.

Though there were slightly higher than conventional construction costs associated with the ICF, the faster timeline meant that labor costs were lower and the building generated revenue earlier than anticipated. Maintenance and operating costs were also significantly less, with energy costs almost 50% lower than conventional buildings.



Location: Montreal, Quebec

Type: University Resident Housing

Size: 75,000 square feet (floor)             

ICF Use:   32,600


Owner: University of Quebec

General Contractor: Décarel Inc.

ICF Installer: Arel Mécoba Inc.

Architect: Groupe Cardinal, Hardy 

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